Vie Cares

Daishawn, a leasing professional at Vie at Munice explains, Riley’s Children’s Hospital serves about 350,000 patients a year. Of that 350,000 there are several thousands of children suffering from chronic illnesses like Hypoparathyroidism, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Ulcerative Colitis. Riley’s Children’s Hospital not only provides state of the art treatment, but a positive atmosphere that the children could not find at any other facility. The staff at Riley’s Children’s Hospital provides constant encouragement and events that continually seem to put smiles on many children’s faces. One event they do in particular is called, “The Castle Cart.”

 The Castle Cart is a cart filled with coloring books, toys, stuffed animals, snacks and much more. The cart is wheeled around the hospital throughout the month, making stops by all of the rooms it possibly can, providing children hospitalized with a small gift. Daishawn Smith, leasing professional at Vie at Muncie explains that being hospitalized as a child is terrifying, but when you see the Castle Cart stop by your room with a smiling face handing you, your first stuffed lion you feel a sense of hope and peace consume you.

 Vie Management donated over $1,000 towards the efforts of Ball State University’s Dance Marathon (BSUDM). BSUDM funds the Castle Cart and raised a total of $610,086.23 this year. The Castle Cart is much more than toys, snacks and gifts. It is a smile and a moment of bliss that the children suffering from these disease so rarely find.

 Vie Management cares about the happiness of the children at Riley’s Hospital. This was evident in our daily efforts of fundraising by letting BSUDM place a donation bucket at the Vie at Muncie. The residents of Vie at Muncie alone, collectively donated an additional $300.00 for the hospital. Ball State University’s Dance Marathon with the help of amazing corporations like Vie Management and remarkable communities like Vie at Muncie will continue to aid in the fight for giving these children’s smiles.