The Woodlark Companies Announces Vie


The Woodlark Companies Announces Rebranding – Vie Management


The Woodlark Companies, located in Miami, FL, was a privately owned real estate Investment Company founded in 2001 by Ari Rosenblum and headquartered in Miami, Florida.  The Woodlark Companies began as an investment company and had a successful track record of acquiring student housing and, through value add, achieving attractive returns on investment.  The Woodlark Companies has announced a refresh of its corporate brand and will operate under its new name, Vie Management. We are excited about our new name and brand which marks the continued success and evolution of our business.  The change reflects our broader commitment to delivering an unparalleled lifestyle and experience to our residents, representing ultimately, a better way of living.  The rebrand is the progressive outcome of our mission to create a lifestyle that represents the future of housing for Millennials.


Vie Management promotes an intelligent approach to entrepreneurial creativity, self-expression, and wealth creation for all employees. The success of our business depends on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, clients and shareholders.  Through our talented teams and exceptional customer service, Vie Management has invested in individuals who excel in customer service and ethical standards. Vie Management is the future of student housing. Vie Management is your future.


About Vie Management Vie Management specializes in acquiring value added housing for Millennials located across the United States with a specialized expertise in successfully repositioning under-performing properties in attractive markets.

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